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The Canadian Youth Chess Championships finished yesterday, July 12th in Laval, Quebec. BC had players in first or second place in six of the twelve age groups. Thank you to all our representatives. Special mention to Lucas Yao, tied for first in the U10 Open section and Daniel Zhui, clear first in the U8 Open section. Complete results here: https://
[Posted July 14,2024]
For those interested, the Canadian Senior Championship (for players aged 50+) has just been announced. It will take place at the Calgary Chess Club on 3-5 August, 2024. The BCCF provides a travel grant of $1,000 to any provincial champion representing BC at a national championship. The winner of the BC Senior Championship, NM Brian McLaren will be our representative.
[Posted July 10, 2024]
Congratulations to Harold Brown of Nanaimo for being awarded the National Master title by the CFC.
Harold actually earned the title in June, 1988 by achieving a rating of 2306.
[Posted July 8, 2024]
Ian Findlay, the CFC Ratings Auditor, is announcing a change to how CFC events are rated:
  • When rating events containing new players with FIDE ratings, the CFC will assign an initial CFC rating of FIDE at par where FIDE < 1900, FIDE +75 where FIDE is 1900 to 1999, and FIDE +125 where FIDE > 1999.
  • Arbiters and organizers of CFC rated events may use this conversion rate for pairings and prize eligibility if in their judgment it is considered appropriate.
  • USCF and FQE ratings will continue to be converted to CFC at par.

When submitting events for CFC rating, please mention the players concerned in your e-mail to
[email protected]
[Posted July 8, 2024, updated from a previous post]

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