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British Columbia Chess Federation

Welcome to the home of the BCCF on the web. Use the links above and to the far left to find a chess club to visit or a chess tournament to play in. If you'd like to know about events that have concluded, check out the BCCF Bulletin.

The British Columbia Chess Federation is a society whose purposes are:
* to extend and foster interest in chess throughout the Province.
* to assist and co-ordinate the affairs and activities of chess clubs in the Province.
* to assist in the settlement of chess disputes within the Province.
* to promote and support provincial championships.

If you have content you would like posted here, detect any problems with the site, or need to contact the webmaster for some other reason, please e-mail [email protected]

For non website related matters, please consult the list of BCCF executives on the menu above.

Upcoming Chess Events

See coming events page for full details (links to websites etc.)

BC Active Chess Championship, April 20-21, Richmond
Chateau Victoria Rapid, April 21, 2024, Victoria
2024 Okanagan Open, May 3-5, 2024, Salmon Arm
2nd Annual Lulu Island Rapid + Blitz, May 4, 2024, Richmond
2024 BC vs Alberta Match (by invitation only), May 3-5, 2024, Salmon Arm
RCC Elite Chess Championship 2024 #2, May 5, 2024, Richmond
Grandmaster Lecture - Preparation for CYCC, May 7, 2024, Zoom
Stan Rogers Memorial Rapid, May 11, 2024, Chilliwack
Surrey Chess Festival, May 11, 2024, Surrey
Rapid Chess Tournament WV, May 26, 2024 West Vancouver
48th Annual Keres Memorial Chess Tournament, May 18-20, 2024, Surrey
Kelowna Open 2024, June 15, Kelowna
BC Senior Championship, June 21-23, 2024, Surrey
BC vs Washington Match, June 29-30, 2024, Richmond
BC Day Open, August 1-5, 2024, New Westminster
RCC Elite Chess Championship 2024 #3, September 15, 2024, Richmond
RCC Elite Chess Championship 2024 #4, October 6, 2024, Richmond
RCC Elite Chess Championship 2024 #5, December 8, 2024, Richmond

Recurring events are listed on the coming events page. There are also possibly events that dates have been set for but are still in the planning process, also on the coming events page.
What's New

April 20, 2024: Bulletins 449 and 450 added
April 19, 2024: Grandmaster Lecture and Surrey Festival added
April 18, 2024: Registration link for Kelown Open added
April 14, 2024: BC Active added
April 13, 2024: Kelown Open added
April 8, 2024: April 21 West Van Rapid postponed
April 6, 2024: Tournament details, sanctioned events updates

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