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British Columbia Chess Federation - Membership

Yearly and life memberships are no longer sold by the BCCF. Instead, membership is obtained by playing in CFC tournaments in BC which pay a per player fee. Organizers and TDs for CFC tournaments in BC automatically become members. Existing BCCF Life members (but not CFC Life Members) are exempt from purchasing tournament memberships. The "Life Members" link on the sidebar menu gives a list of current life members.

Fees for CFC tournaments in BC are:

Note: Previously, BCCF fees were waived for tournaments where all participants were juniors. Effective January 1st 2016, junior event organizers are required to submit BCCF fees to the CFC when submitting events for rating.

As of June 1, 2011, the Chess Federation of Canada annual membership fee with tax included, is for BC: $38 adult, $25 junior. Alternatively, a CFC tournament membership good for one tournament can be paid: $16 adult, $8 junior. This fee is collected for CFC rated events in addition to the BCCF fees above.

For more information about the change in the BCCF dues structure, refer to the text of the resolution passed by the executive.

Fees collected during CFC tournaments may be remitted to the CFC with CFC rating fees. Fees collected during non CFC tournaments may be remitted directly to the BCCF Treasurer.