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Welcome to the home of the BCCF on the web. Use the links above and to the far left to find a chess club to visit or a chess tournament to play in. If you'd like to know about events that have concluded, check out the BCCF Bulletin. Use the search below to find documents containing specific words or combinations of words, including player's names. For example: Magnus Carlsen or even specific openings like the Caro-Kann or Ruy Lopez.

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Next Chess Tournament - Nanaimo Winter Open, Nanaimo, December 8-10, 2017

Next Chess TournamentNext Chess Tournament - Nanaimo Winter Open, Nanaimo, December 8-10, 2017

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Vancouver Chess School Weekly Quad tournaments

Monthly Chess Events - Ongoing

Please go to the BCCF Chess Club Page for any information on chess clubs in B.C.

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  • Open Bids for tournaments that the BCCF holds: the Time frame for closing the bids is To Be Announced.

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    BC Chess Game Database - Updated February 2012

    Daily Chess Puzzle

  • About the BCCF

    The British Columbia Chess Federation is a society whose purposes are
    - to extend and foster interest in chess throughout the Province.
    - to assist and co-ordinate the affairs and activities of chess clubs in the Province.
    - to assist in the settlement of chess disputes within the Province.

    Mailing address: Mr. Paul Leblanc, Treasurer BC Chess Federation, 1012 Spiritwood Place, Victoria, BC V8Y 1C6

    The BCCF website is currently maintained by Len Molden
    . If you have content you would like posted here, detect any problems with the site, or need to contact the webmaster for some other reason, please e-mail