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2019-2020 BCCF Executive


At the 2010 Annual General Meeting the position of Webmaster was made permanent and became an appointed position.

2019-2020 BC Chess Foundation Trustees: (contact info see above)

-      Paul Leblanc (chair, BCCF Treasurer)

-      Roger Patterson

-      Howard Wu


BCCF Past Presidents

1947 Dave Creemer
1948 Richard A. Douglas
1949 Richard A. Douglas
1950 Richard A. Douglas
1951 Richard A. Douglas
1952 Charles F. Millar
1953 John G. Prentice
1954 R.A. Pilkington
1955 R.A. Pilkington
1956 R.A. Pilkington
1957 R.A. Pilkington
1958 Stan Prokop
1959 Stan Prokop
1960 Stan Prokop
1961 Stan Prokop
1962 Stan Prokop
1963 Fred Schulz
1964 Fred Schulz
1965 H. Fischbach
1966 Colin D. Aykroyd
1967 R.C. Eldridge
1968 S.D. Wight
1969 S.D. Wight
1970 S.D. Wight
1971 S.D. Wight/Rob Hankinson
1972 Fred Schulz
1973 Brian Potter
1974 Jonathan Berry
1975 Paul Brown
1976 Elod Macskasy
1977 Brian McLaren
1978 Gerry Forbes
1979 Bruce Harper
1980 Bruce Harper
1981 Mike Fairley
1982 Yves Farges
1983 Yves Farges
1984 Francisco Cabanas
1985 Francisco Cabanas
1986 Francisco Cabanas
1987 Francisco Cabanas
1988 Francisco Cabanas
1989 Nigel Fullbrook
1990 Henry Chiu
1991 Serge Kaminski
1992 Serge Kaminski
1993 Serge Kaminski
1994 Wilson Yeung
1995 Wilson Yeung
1996 Jim Ferguson
1997 Jim Ferguson
1998 Toni Deline
1999 Toni Deline
2000 Bruce Harper
2001 Bruce Harper
2002 Bruce Harper
2003 Joe Oszvald
2004 Bruce Harper
2005 Jack Yoos
2006 Stephen Wright
2007 Stephen Wright
2008 Roger Patterson
2009 Roger Patterson
2010 Roger Patterson
2011 Roger Patterson
2012 Roger Patterson
2013 Alonso Campos
2014 Alonso Campos
2015 Alonso Campos
2016 Stephen Wright
2017 Stephen Wright
2018 Stephen Wright
2019 Stephen Wright

Peter Yee


It is with great sadness to announce the passing of a loving, caring, and generous friend. On March 10, 2015 we lost one of our members of the board of directors of the BCCF. Peter was a resilient, devoted and passionate loving chess player. He was a man of many remarkable achievements. He will be missed by all his friends in the chess community and fondly remembered by the officers of the BCCF. May his soul rest in peace. In lieu of flowers please make donations to:

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
In Memory of Peter Yee for the Leukemia/BMT program
190-855 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9

People can also donate online at:

Peter Stockhausen


The BCCF Executive regrets to announce the passing of former CFC President and once BC tournament regular Peter Stockhausen - In Loving Memory. Peter was twice elected to the CFC's top post, successfully brought the Canadian Open to Richmond in 1999, and was a CFC Life Governor. The BCCF Executive extends heartfelt condolences to Peter's wife, Karen, and daughter, Silken.